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Generic Systems Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1993. At the time of forming the company, the Director’s thoughts were that there was still a lot of life in the Mainframe market, something that still prevails today.

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Level 32, 101 Miller St. North Sydney, NSW, 2060 Australia

Secure FTP for Windows | Windows File Transfer Protocol

GoAnywhere MFT is a Managed File Transfer and Secure FTP solution that runs on Windows platforms and services. GoAnywhere MFT will automate and secure file transfers with your trading partners, customers and enterprise servers from your Windows instance.

Connect to an FTP Server in Windows

Eliminate the need for manual processes as well as custom programs and scripts, such as Window's PowerShell and batch files, when you use GoAnywhere MFT's comprehensive workflow. This innovative solution helps to reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization to comply with data security policies and regulations.

GoAnywhere MFT's secure FTP Windows solution runs on a number of operating systems, including:

  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Windows 2016 Server
  • Windows 2016 Datacenter
  • Windows 2019 Server
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

GoAnywhere MFT supports physical and virtualized environments including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.

Installing a Secure FTP Server on Windows

Installing and running GoAnywhere MFT's secure FTP solution on Windows is an effortless process:

  • There is no need to setup IIS, Microsoft clustering, or any other 3rd party solution.
  • After stepping through the quick installation wizard, simply setup your trading partner accounts and file transfer processes.
  • GoAnywhere MFT requires a minimum of 300 MB of disk space (not including user data) and 512 MB of RAM.

The intuitive design and modular feature set allows you to be up and running on Windows in no time.

Microsoft Active Directory

GoAnywhere MFT includes a robust set of user management features enabling trading partners and employees to collaborate and manage file transfers. These user accounts can authenticate against Active Directory allowing users to specify their corporate credentials. GoAnywhere MFT can also synchronize users and groups in Active Directory to automate user provisioning.

Microsoft SQL Server

GoAnywhere MFT can connect to a variety of databases to export or import data including Microsoft SQL Server. For example, a Project can extract data from SQL Server and place the contents in a file. Then the Project could encrypt or compress it and store it on the network or distribute the file to a remote server. GoAnywhere MFT can also utilize Microsoft SQL Server to store product configuration and audit log information. GoAnywhere MFT supports clustered SQL Server environments and can optionally use Windows Integrated Security for authentication.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Secure Mail allows your employees to send messages and files as secure packages on an ad-hoc basis. With a provided Outlook Plugin, the user would compose the message in Microsoft Outlook as normal. When ready to send, the user would click on the new "Send Secure Mail" button to pass the message through the GoAnywhere MFT Secure Mail module. Rules can be set to automatically use Secure Mail whenever the user sends large file attachments using the regular Outlook "Send" button.

Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Connector

GoAnywhere's SharePoint Cloud Connector allows you to send secure file transfers between your private network and SharePoint. Available from the GoAnywhere Cloud Connector Marketplace, this out-of-the-box integration can be used to simplify how you exchange sensitive documents with your trading partners, manage files stored on SharePoint, automate the movement of your data, and complete actions in SharePoint directly from your GoAnywhere MFT environment.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Connector

GoAnywhere's Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Connector allows you to move files securely between your private network and Microsoft OneDrive using Business or Enterprise accounts. Available from the GoAnywhere Cloud Connector Marketplace, this out-of-the-box integration can be used to simplify how you distribute sensitive documents to your employees, manage files stored on OneDrive accounts, automate the movement of your data, and more, directly from your GoAnywhere MFT environment.

Windows File Synchronization

The GoDrive for Windows allows your users to easily share files without losing control of your sensitive data. With GoDrive, files and folders can be easily shared between users with advanced collaboration features including file revision tracking, commenting, trash bin, media viewing and synchronization with Windows devices.

Windows Automation

Although GoAnywhere MFT includes a comprehensive built-in scheduler, Projects can also be executed using the Windows Task Scheduler or from the Windows Command Line API called GAcmd (GoAnywhere Command). This allows integration from existing processes or to execute file transfers from remote systems.